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BLAM June 2002

Saturday 1st June

Formed in 1999 by phwoarsome vocalist Liam Creamer (real name folks!) along with Matt, Chris and Ryan, this South Yorkshire based fourpiece (pictured right, shortly after being apprehended for being in possession of an offensive Ye Wiles e.p.) have been blurring the line between punk & emo, being compared to Will Haven, and generally getting people 'hot under the collar'.
In fact, according to NME's Steven Wells "ThisGirl are an embryonic legend. Teens will swoon, dollar signs will appear in the eyes of record biz folks, and Strokes posters will be torn off adolescent's walls to accommodate the gorgeousness that is ThisGirl.." Sweet Archie Norman! It sounds as though they might be a bit special, or something. Also appearing tonight will be FORGE MY SOUL (formerly Apocrypha) the band that put the soul into oursouls, and Dartford's art prog rockers GIANT SPIDER

Friday 7th June

If I may take a moment to paraphrase the mighty Mozzer, " Watford, O Watford, so much to answer for...." Let's face it, any town that has strong connections with the likes of Dame Elton John, George (stand in this Tescos carrier bag, quick!) Michael and that multi talented singing sinew, Geri Halliwell should quite frankly, hang it's head in shame!  But let's not get too carried away, what's that faint rustling in the undergrowth? Bugger me if it ain't the sound of Watford's new punkpop upstarts CAPTAIN EVERYTHING! Jon, Lew & Rich have been playing 100mph pop since 1998, and quite frankly, they're getting a bit knackered. (That joke was bequeathed by a certain Francis Carson).
Get in that car, take the roof down, load the boot up with beers and let's go to the coast! Yes, it's that kind of goodtime skate/ska/pop/summer fun sound. Also appearing tonight are fellow 3-piece ROUTE215 who would appear to be cut from the very same lagerstained cloth as Cpt. Everything!
Bexhill based nu-pop punkers QUEERFISH complete the line-up for tonight's pop/punk feast.

Saturday 8th June

"...Ireland's answer to REM and the Pixies....blah blah...Irelands answer to Blink 182, but with better dress-sense...blah blah..I think I prefer Kerbdog..blah blah...Ireland's answer to Andrea Corr .."( eerr..not sure about that last one - Ed) Yes, yes, we've heard it all before, and I'd imagine ex-Kerbdog mainman Cormac Battle is getting a tad sick of it, or is he? "We're the EMO REM..".quoth he. Maybe not then. Having parted acrimoniously with Mercury Records back in 1997and being told he's 1.3 million squid up the Swanee, the lad Cormac, after a 6 month hiatus regrouped his chums to fashion the Pixie-like passionate songs of fear and loathing that have been making knees go all gelatin-like every time they appear on MTV. Massive-bound for deffo.. (Isn't that floppy haired fop Hugh Grant in that picture? - Ed.)

Thursday 13th June

Stop what you're doing for a moment................can you feel the sustain on that guitar, can you hear those incessant Latin American rhythms? Those damned drums, will they ever stop? Pay heed to those sultry, silken thighed siren-like voices in your head saying " Go on...don that thong, squeeze in to your feathered Mardi Gras costume and samba down to the common, let's salsa like there's no tomorrow ...follow that crazy conga and cabasa beat - go Karnival Krazee", for it is Europe's number one SANTANA tribute band. Featuring ex-Strangler vocalist (post Hugh Cornwell, obviously, pedant fans) Paul Roberts on vocals, La Vida Santana have deservedly built a fantastic following throughout Europe. Just one listen to their faithful renditions of Oy Como Va, Black Magic Woman, So Cool and Shuduppa Ya Face (!?) and you're immediately thinking of booking your summer hol to .........err.... somewhere hot... and sweaty.. yeah!

Friday 14th June

New balls please for Wimbledon's finest Mahumodo. Taking the best parts of Earthtone 9 with a bit of Speedhornesque 'nadpower, this youthsome fivesome are like a nu-metal soundtrack to a Sergio Leone spaghetti western. A veritable cacophany of delicate, intense screaming musical violence, not just for the sake of it, but for the beauty and deliciousness of it! Serving up monolithic slices of anthemic moody post nu-metal epicness (pauses for large intake of air), whilst smashing down the barriers between Mogwai, My Vitriol and Mint 400. Miocene are no longer the new Tool, Mahumodo have torn the crown from those tattooed pretenders and shoved it right up their Gary Glitter!
Pogo fury alert! Also playing tonight are Stable darlings Uckfield Rob and the lads from Private Monkie, who'll unleash their rabid, but polite salivating 21st century punkorama.

Special Move
50 Calibre
Saturday 15th June

Lock up your tattoo parlours, (or body art boutiques as you girlies call them these days) for three bands who put the Cor! into hardcore are coming to town. Breakneck riffs - check. Attitude, ie. pulling rather unattractive gurns in photos - check, token mohawk bassist - check. Yes captain, I think we're ready for take-off. And what a bumpy flight it's gonna be kids! A turbulent ride of gear crunching guitars and bowel loosening bass lines, and maniacal vocals.
Influenced by Warzone, Minor Threat, Stormcore, and All Out War, after a hard night's lambasting an audience, Pierre, Knuckledust's singer, likes nothing more than to listen to Radio 4's Shipping News, and the adaptation of Alan Bennett's new collection of humorous, whimsical observations on afternoon teatime rituals in Harrogate's Grand Hotel. Possibly.

Friday 21st June

Equally at home on the dance floor as they are in the moshpit SONA FARIQ are a nu-age funk/'grunge/ rap/rock metalmachine. Imagine, if you will, Fugazi and Sly Stone mashed together in a powerhouse maelstrom of sonic excellence.
We're talking infectious grooves, grunge guitars and a vocal style that is "...the Voice of the British Underground..." (Mind The Gap! - Ed) We're talking an infinitely groovy Rage Against The Machine here, with a strange fresh sound that is power, but without aggression.
With an incendiary live act, in-yer-face dynamics and a cross-cultural assault SONA FARIQ promise to whip your little pink cheeked arse any night of the week. And then some.

Saturday 22nd June

Hell, just lookey what we've got here Cleatus......None other than those sell out show lovelies Sugarcoma!
Anybody who failed to get in to their last show here back in April now has the chance to find out exactly what it was they missed.
These sixteen year old goddesses rock, and boy, do they rock hard? Think Sepultura, think Babes In Toyland, think a fluffy pink tailed My Little Pony, and you're only half way there. Their particular brand of alternative metal/riot grrrl has been sending moshpits up and down the country mouth-frothingly rabid. A rollercoaster ride of thunderous bass riffery, a cavalcade of scattershot, quicksilvered gaping jawed fret work. And we're not talking metalwork classes here folks. Enchanting chanteuse Jessica Mayers goes from a whisper to a scream, from Snow White to Cruella de Ville in just under four seconds, downhill, and with a fair wind behind her. But we all know know what drummers are like. (What exactly are you on? - concerned Ed)
Also playing tonight are Ashford's answer to Nickelback, HINDSIGHT.

Skanking Room Only
Friday 28th June & Saturday 29th June

With the World Cup almost over and no games on either evening, the two-night extravaganza that is SKANKING ROOM ONLY provides the ultimate excuse to:
1. Dance off whatever 'official' World Cup food you've been constantly munching on.
2. Get your football shirt and tracky bottoms washed (after a few weeks of continual wear combined with penalty shoot out induced sweat they're going to smell pretty bad - and they make you look like your Dad anyway).
3. Make all your chums who've been doing nothing apart staying in and watching that boring game go out and watch 10 of the finest ska/punk/skacore/skate and emo bands around.
Friday night will boast THE SPLITTERS who came all the way from Leicester to get you skanking last Christmas - but don't be confused by the mohawks kids, The Splitters are one of Britain's finest high skankability trad. outfits. Also appearing will be Plymouth's NO COMPLY who play an innovative brand of skacore with angry female vocals. RYDELL who'd been playing emo for five years before it became the 'new rock revolution' will also be strutting their stuff in the most emotive way possible. But opening the evening with style will be the one and only THE IDEOTS who seem to cause stirs whenever they go anywhere near the message board (those lads could cause a stir in a sensory deprivation tank! - Ed) But girls, who will it be, stunning, sexpot Simon or macho, moody Mikey G?
As if that wasn't enough, the Skanking Room will be back on Saturday with another 5 band treat: Headlining this time will be Deck Cheese Records' VANILLA POD who seem to be being played on the Steve Lamaque's evening session whenever I put it on and are currently one of the most popular British skate/punk pop bands. They also do a cover of Staring at the Rude Boys , (not by Ye Olde Ruts? - Old Ed) which is by itself a good enough reason to come down. Back again by popular demand will be MUTTLY'S DASTARDLY SKAM (please note that this the correct spelling for everyone who's eager to know, that includes Randall) which means you'll get another opportunity to experience Rob's squeaky monkey thong, Ned's classic rock guitar poses and of course the lusciousness of Hannah and Steph. HOWARDS ALIAS will also be performing their tighter- than- tight brand of skacore, which has earned them tours with the likes of Capdown and Link 80. Sittingbourne favourites MARTIN who have apparently taken a more hardcore approach are set to be worth a listen especially with their new CD out. Folkestone's MY FRIEND FRED will be opening the bill and currently planning a summer tour to promote their soon to be released 3 track single.
Admission will be 6 per night or 10 for a weekend summer season saver, so take a break from the Lacrosse World Championship, or whatever it's called and get your boots on for a 48 hour ska-a-thon, err….well, 8 hours really. - Wiley Gabriel

Lifted (with permission) from the June edition of BLAM! - All queries regarding libel actions should be directed to them