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BLAM May 2002

Saturday 25th May

Blistering, uncompromising, unrestrained...and that's just GOLDBLADE mainman ex NME hack John Robb's famous skintight leather/pvc strides. According to our Jason, who'll be panting feverishly in the front row, kids, these aforementioned strides are prone to splitting..so, have that can of arse bleach close to hand, boys and girls!
GOLDBLADE are an unholy amalgam of glam/punk/soul pared down to it's basic elements, then revved up beyond belief to create a God Almighty beautifully exhilarating racket. With a show that confirms that GOLDBLADE are deservedly one of the best live acts around . Support on the night comes from Brightonian emo-punkers MY DEAF AUDIO.

Friday 31st May

Tiny Elvis are a seething, angry bunch of "tattooed beat messiahs" (Copyright - Mr. Z. Mindwarp) who are exactly what proper punk should be, loud, proud and chaotic. Not giving a damn for any other kind of pussy-arsed band anywhere on this planet, or indeed, to be found loitering near the Revlon counter in Fenwick's (The Life take heed). Jagged metallic guitars mate with a bass that growls like a Dobermann with your Granny's finger up it's arse ( I was only taking it's temperature, m'lud!). With a frontman who is no stranger to the mind altering effects of the odd glass of Vimto, TINY ELVIS are a crunching, earsplitting racket that is honest to goodness remarkable.
Also appearing tonight will be Maidstone ska punkers ONE DAY ELLIOTT, and Big Si and the lads from FRAY, a band so local they're forever popping round to borrow a Pot Noodle.

Saturday 4th May

CANDIRIA, pictured right, (sorry girls, they're married!) are the latest band to "..take heavy music to a place it's never been..." (Weston Super Mare? - Ed). Never before has hip-hop, jazz, and metal been incorporated into a glorious cornucopia of sonic magnificence. Or, if you prefer, the sound of John Coltrane mud wrestling Motorhead's Lemmy, and Public Enemy's Flavour Flav in a Basildon knocking shop!
"...Candiria create a world where everything is possible again, where the old rules are tossed out the window, where previous boundaries no longer exist..." Whether this means little boys will be pushed up chimneys by top hatted Victorian gents, Bingo sessions allowed on Sunday, and Cornwall will reclaim independence remains a trifle unclear. All I know is that Candiria mix ear-grabbing hooks with their trademark mind-blowing instrumental virtuosity to create something a tad special.

Saturday 18th May

Formed, and fronted in 1998 by enigmatic New Hampshire based Jason Anderson, WOLF COLONEL take delight in re-defining, and contradicting any pigeonholes lazy hacks try to put them in. Arena rock riffs nestle cheek by jowl with warm, intimate pop hooks. Anderson takes songs that began as folky singer-songwritery powerpop and turns the volume up to 16! Apparently, judging by the fake English accent and pop sensibility, as a teenager, Anderson overdosed on Beatles and The Kinks back catalogues. Blending Teenage Fanclub, Dinosaur Jr, Husker Du, and an all too evident Guided By Voices, WOLF COLONEL fluctuate between intimate solo shows and full on rawk n roll sonic attacks.
Completing the line-up this evening will be local Jazz/post-rocker types BOX, and Leon's drone rockers THE KICKS.

Friday 3rd May

Chances are, by the time you're reading this, the show will have been sold out, and our Jason is using a crowbar and KY gel to ease the punters through the Tardis- like Forum portals. Such is the popularity, and reputation of Capitalist Downfall, or CAPDOWN, to their chums. An exciting rag-bag of sax-led ska/hardcore punkers, who hit the stage like an ExLaxed-up cuddly Labrador pup on benzedrine.. Truly a wondrous sight and sound to behold Martha!

Plastic Letters
Thursday 30th May

Formed in 2000 by lovely Lisa, and her husband Martin (who incidentally used to be in original 80s skapunk pioneers CASE, trivia fans) PLASTIC LETTERS are, as you can see, a Blondie tribute band. Combining classic early X-Offender, Rip her to Shreds era Blondie, with skinny ties chucked in. They skilfully, and convincingly replicate the late 70s sound of when Debbie Harry was a mere 35 year old slip of a thing.

Led by Zeppelin
Thursday 16th May

Formerly known as Zoso, this Led Zeppelin tribute band have been steadily building a fantastic and rabid following. All members sound, and bugger me if they don't look like, those 70's dinosaur cock rockers (see Billy Kiulke, mind you, he's meant to be John Bonham!) Violin bows, theremins, double necked Gibson SG, courgettes down the velvet strides...they've got 'em..and some!

Saturday 11th May

Returning to the Forum, minus a pair of bongos (you know who you are, O light fingered Forum punter). Bristolian ACTUAL SIZE, (pictured left, celebrating Stig, the guitarist passing his cycling proficiency test) bring their unique organic, folky oeuvre.A neat package of eclecticism that sounds not unlike, as I'm reliably informed, vintage Radio Caroline broadcasts as intercepted and re-interpreted by aliens from the Planet Tharg. Strange, compelling stuff, with a little pastoral, other worldliness mixed with XTC. Pearl Jam and Tchaikovsky!
Indie rockers OVERLAND, and message board groupie Laurie's grungers IMMUNE provide the support for the evening.

Friday 17th May

I've said it before, and I'll say it again GO AND SEE THIS ####IN' BAND! No strangers to the Forum, KING PRAWN make for a fantastic night out. Their rabid, frenetic reggae-rap ska onslaught of dangerous rhythms has torn the roof of the place on more than one occasion. Every man-jack of 'em is a character/nutter. From bassist Babar Luck, a shaven headed, bearded, gigglin' psychopath to hyperactive, angelic faced wiseguy vocalist Al-Farabi Rumjen, they combine to create a sound that leaves a vapour trail, and takes no prisoners.
Intricate dublines, a polyrhythmic assault go to create a sound that will teach all you whippersnappers exactly what a crackin' ska punk dub band should sound like. It's the sound of the Wailers taking Green Day on the Vampire Ride at Chessington Zoo. Support on the night comes from WHITMORE, and Barry's boys, those rap/metal/mixing groovers from Margate, EQUATORIAL.

Friday 24th May

Run for your lives, THE JEEVAS are coming. If you were wondering just what our 2M’s fave pin-up boy, Crispian Mills had been doing since that fateful day in September 1999 when Kula Shaker knocked it on the head, then look no further. The boy who once tore the doors off the Forum, and brought his mum, the infinitely loveable Hayley with him, is back and this time it's not too personal, we don't want to invade your space or anything too heavy man. Anyway, reports are that the Jeevas are kicking several tons of collective arse live with the new numbers, and that our boy Crispian has relented and agreed to feature some of the KS back catalogue - which is no bad thing either. Expect the new album sometime later this summer, and it's bound to feature some more of the classic songwriting that the boy brought to your attention with his last outing - although hopefully not any more covers of Deep Purple numbers as I found them extremely distressing. Support on the night will come from those eager young scamps MUMM RA who are so excited at the opportunity to play with their hero that they got a bit emotional and tried to marry us and have our babies. Down boys...........

Friday 10th May

Douglas hail from Wales, so let's get all those sheep shagging jokes out of the way nice and early. Then we can get on to describe their emo/punk/hardcore noise without making baa-ing noises. After successful tours with Hundred Reasons and Capdown, Douglas look like the next band likely to set your stereo on fire. Their latest release "Persona" hasn't exactly flown out of the shops, but that's probably a glaring oversight on the part of the great British public, given that it features incendiary bombs of blistering energy, chaos and self believe. If you haven't given them a listen yet then you are the one missing out - Hundred Reasons like them so much that they put out a special split single to try and promote the band. Support for this show comes from new band Stapleton and your very own LOST N SEEN, who may or may not be changing their name in honour of being given a support slot at the weekend. Look up Douglas at their website at www.douglas-online.co.uk

Lifted (with permission) from the May edition of BLAM! - All queries regarding libel actions should be directed to them