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BLAM October 2006

A word in your ear...

It's one of those perennial favourites, the slightly serious editorial this month. As usual, rib tickling half arsed innuendo and pointless puns will resume normal service next month.
What's troubling us at Forum Towers this week is our beloved and esteemed local paper, The Courier. A recent exchange of views has taken place between The Forum and The Courier regarding their extensive coverage of "anti social behaviour" problems affecting parts of the town, in our case, the rather boring group of chavs who won't grow up and get a life and who delight in drinking cider on the Common - well, we suppose at least they are getting in training for their future lives as tramps. As many of you will be aware, this group of about 12 slightly intellectually challenged young people regularly try and start something with Forum punters, normally with the "are you looking at my bird" routine. We have done frequent editorials about this, and you should all know by now that our ability to do any more ourselves about this problem is limited by the fact that it isn't actually taking place on our premises; we have previously published several statements saying please, go to THE FORUM don't go to THE COMMON, because if you go to the Common we can't send people out to protect you, and we can count on the fingers of one hand the number of incidences of trouble actually at The Forum in the last 14 years.
Anyway, recently The Courier ran a few articles about trouble in the town. Two of these articles were about trouble on The Common, and both of them featured the name of The Forum. We thought this was a bit unreasonable, as trouble taking place at Five Ways never includes the names McDonalds or Costa Coffee. We thought it was just possible that their readers might get hold of the wrong end of the stick and proceed to beat around the bush with it. Our main concern was that you, the punters, might be assumed by their readership to be involved in the trouble, the cause of it, rather than the target of some of the trouble, e.g. the victims of it. We wrote to them to point this out.
In reply, they wrote back and they told us how completely wrong we were and that their articles plainly made it absolutely clear that The Forum was not involved and that there was no way that any of their readers could possibly have thought that Forum patrons were the perpetrators of the trouble. They then published a letter from one of their readers who had made just such an assumption, who went on to call for premises that can't control their clientele to be shut down, aiming his comments at The Forum. This is a fantastic leap in logic from the reality of the situation: You, the punters, behave absolutely brilliantly for years and years on end and quietly enjoy yourselves.You then get a bunch of people hanging around completely unconnected to the venue and with fuck all better to do, who are intent on interfering with your right to go to The Forum. Outcome suggested by Courier readers; shut down your venue, as this will make the trouble go away. I suspect, just suspect, that this might be the "victory for yob culture" so beloved of our friends at The Daily Mail. We complained to The Courier about this, who in response sent us one of the most high-handed noses-in-the-air letters I think I have ever read, including the immortal phrase that our complaint contains "imputations which, on reflection, you may consider were unwise to put in writing".
It's unlikely you are going to read any of this in the local paper, because their attitude is that they are entitled to print what they like and we can go fuck ourselves - ok, their letter doesn't actually say that, but you get the general idea. Technically we probably could sue for some sort of libel, as it clearly isn't true that we "can't control our clientele and should be shut down", but for the most part their articles have been about innuendo and nudge nudge wink wink, which, although I suppose they might fall under the description "imputations which, on reflection, they may consider were unwise to put in writing", aren't technically libellous. The metaphor would be that they haven't specifically said that we dig ditches, they have just said that we have shovels and dirty hands.
The point of telling you all this is that at the end of the day the whole situation is being turned on its head - you, our punters, are being labelled as the purveyors of anti-social behaviour when in fact you are the victims of it. I find this, in no small way, extremely unfair, which is not to say that it doesn't also make me really fucking angry. Above all, I think it's a fucking disgrace that people who are having to endure this regular harassment should be portrayed in any way as being responsible for it. I wonder if the local paper would be happy printing that old people are asking to be burgled in their homes because they've got too much valuable stuff?
The only thing you can do about it is to make sure that when your friends, relations and people in the street read "incident at The Forum" you make sure that you take time out to point out to them that the whole thing is bollocks. Please do that, because we think it's important that people locally know that the venue is a safe place to be. Thanks for reading.

Blam is owned and produced by The Forum. We are poor starving musicians and artists who don't even have a garret so there is very little point in coming after us for money just because we accused you of being a donkey basher, but if you are really intent on litigation, then you sue us via

The Forum, Fonthill, The Common, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 8YU

But nine times out of ten I wouldn't bother because our lawyers, Shyster, Rippemhoff & Felch are the fastest legal minds in Cricklewood. It has come to our attention that a certain Miss Katie Melua is attempting to stage the gig at the lowest altitude ever by performing 100 metres underneath the sea on a sub-aqua platform of a North Sea oil rig. We would like to apologise to our readers that she unfortunately has a return ticket. Apparently in space, nobody can hear you scream. We would like to officially launch the "Send that cunt James Blunt into Space for fuck's sake" campaign.

Air Traffic
Sunday 1st

Air Traffic bounce along neatly with their combination of piano and guitar led indie-pop. A host of up-beat songs that had obvious comparisons to the likes of Keane and Coldplay as well as a few more obscure links to Something Corporate and Toploader. Not only are the songs anthemic, Air Traffic also know when to break things down to an emotional sounding piano-vocal section and then rock it up in a feet stomping chorus. Originally from Bournemouth, this piano-led, indie-rock quartet took their name from the air traffic control signals that they would pick up whilst rehearsing in abandoned industrial units next to the airport where they first formed.The 20 year olds released their debut single through indie label 'Club Fandango' in July 06. The single was crowned 'Hottest Record In The World' by BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe, and contained the tracks 'Just Abuse Me' and 'Charlotte'.
Now freshly signed to EMI records, the band will release 'Never Even Told Me Her Name' as the next single, being released on October 30th.

Comedy Forum
Thursday 5th

Tunbridge Wells' original AND best value for money comedy club is held the first Thursday of every month.


For the past 5 years, on the first Thursday of every month, the Forum has played host tofour top acts from the stand-up comedy circuit. Acts that have gone on to become staples of Channel 4 (and Ceebeebies!) include; JIMMY CARR, ROB ROUSE, NINA CONTI, ELECTRIC (Big Cook, Little Cook) FORECAST and MARCUS BRIGSTOCKE. Here's your chance to see the stars of comedy before they start presenting rubbish 'Top 100 Drain Hole Covers in Southborough' stylee programmes.

"Quite simply, the finest alternative comedian there is" Ian Cognito
"Consistently funny…." The Independent
"Wonderful, upfront, hilarious…'" Evening Standard

Comedian, actor, writer and presenter, COLE PARKER exploded onto the comedy circuit in 2000, to great critical acclaim; In the same year he was nominated the UK's best new comedian. Cole now regularly plays the premier comedy clubs throughout the UK & overseas and has earned an enviable reputation as a highly original, crowd-pleasing comic and compere. His intelligent - occasionally dark material, is delivered with generous spoonfuls of charm and he can relate to any audience.
On television Cole recently presented 15 episodes of 'The Ultimate Gambler' for Bravo Television, which sold to 24 countries worldwide. He can currently be seen on Sky Sports as the face of the 2006 International Cricket On radio Cole has co-presented a music show with Craig Charles for BBC Radio 6 and appeared as a guest on XFM, BBC London, LBC and BBC Kent. He also performed in BBC 7's 'Spanking New'.
A prolific writer: Cole has four television shows currently in development. He has also written for several top name comedians & played alongside: Harry Hill, Jonny Vegas, Ardal O'Hanlon, Ed Byrne, Sean Lock, Jimmy Carr, Jeff Green, Craig Charles, Al Murray & Ross Noble, recently appearing on The Friday Night Project (CH4) alongside Justin Hawkins.

Friday 6th

"We're not political, we're not out to save the world, if you listen to the lyrics it's just about being yourself and having fun. We're not sad, we're not complaining that the world's treating us like crap . . . we want to keep this upbeat." --
Chances are this show is sold out by the time you read this ...........should have booked earlier shouldn't you?

Thursday 12th

"Essentially a bunch of cheeky scallywags aiming to make you move your feet, DARTZ! discordant neo-pop has an exuberance and angularity that is mesmerising to the point of being addictive. Impossible not to like, DARTZ!' duelling vocals, dancefloor-filling harmonies and beats that shake limbs like a mammoths dose of Parkinsons have been making waves throughout the year with two low-key EPs and a recent split with post punks Stapleton on Gravity DIP and have recently put out a 7" on Xtra Mile Recordings. Bullseye!"

Mr. Solo
Stars of Aviation
Songs of my Lap
Friday 13th

Brighton based CLEARLAKE formed in 1999 and are signed to Domino Records (home of Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand). They have released three critically acclaimed albums: 'Lido', 'Cedars' and 'Amber', and have toured the world in their own right including sell-out shows in the UK and America, as well as supporting Pulp, playing for Scott Walker at his Meltdown Festival and appearing on TV shows including Later With Jools Holland. They continue to impress audiences with their uniquely British take on indie guitar music and have just released the new single 'It's Getting Light Outside'.
MR. SOLO will be better known to some as 'The Vessel', being the lead singer and guitarist from the band David Devant and His Spirit Wife. Mr. Solo is the name of his new guitar pop project and he has recently released the album 'All Will Be Revealed' on Outstanding Records, with a new
single 'Number One' out now. STARS OF AVIATION are an eight piece French inspired lo-fi indie power-pop outfit, whose instruments range from accordion, trumpet and bassoon through
traditional guitars and drums, to recorder. They are signed to Kitchen Records and recently released the single 'Marie et l'accordeon', which was described as 'a slice of escapist wonder'.
SONGS OF MY LAP is Tunbridge Wells based solo artist Alex Hancock, who has released three albums on Unlabel Records and was previously a member of several well-respected bands, including legendary underground outfit Unhome. He utilises guitar, piano and laptop electronics to beautiful effect. All in all, this going to be fantastic night with an amazing line-up of bands, raffles, quiff-wigs, accordians, and more importantly, ITS ALL FOR CHARITY, namely OXFAM www.myspace.com/oxjamkent.

The Campaign for Real Time
Furniture Sound
Saturday 14th

"Imagine if you will, Fugazi playing Prince songs with The Neptunes producing and you come close to the sound achieved on C4RT's (as they're known) debut. A melange of '80s electro funk, falsetto and all manner of bleeps and squeaks, 'Yes...' is an uplifting party album that effortlessly mixes soul, punk, funk and pop without ever appearing contrived." - Kerrang!

"Rock music you can dance to - it's a tricky one... But this is really good stuff, and when you reach the Killers-esque electropop of 'Something is Wrong' you'll begin to see where this Boston sextet are headed. These songs brandish more ants-in-your-pants excitement than anything that Brandon Flowers and co could muster." - Rocksound

Sunday 15th

"A welcome jolt of post-hardcore pop action, Sucioperro make music to start riots to, but you know, happy kinds of riots with smiles and sunshine. Take this band to your heart, they're a little bit special."
Sucioperro play an effortlessly complex mix of math rock precision, emotive (but, please, not emo) acoustic songs and no-nonsense rousing radio anthems.
Fans of Foo Fighters, The Police and Jimmy Eat World will certainly find something to enjoy. Actually one review described Sucioperro as "bouncing somewhere between Rage Against The Machine and Crowded House".
Pronounced "sooch-ee-oh-perro", Sucioperro is Spanish for 'dirty dog' or 'dirty bitch'. In March 2006 they toured the UK with Oceansize and Pure Reason Revolution and have recently supported the likes of Biffy Clyro, Brigade, Hell Is For Heroes, Jetplane Landing, Aerogramme, Fightstar. Oh, and Deacon Blue.

Jamie T
Friday 27th

One man band Jamie T plays a crazy mix of rap, reggae and punk that spins from minimalist to complex and back again. Signed to Pacemaker Records he has a quintessentially eclectic London sound that has gained him a cult following. Described as a cross between The Streets and Billy Bragg, Jamie T peddles his own brand of socio-political commentary in a catchy pop format. An all-singing, all-swaggering West London rude boy specialising in tales of booze, birds and being broke. They don't call him the one-man Arctic Monkey for nothing.

Saturday 28th

Conceived in July 1994, having sold 5000 copies at pub gigs the [spunge] boys decided that there was enough potential to jack in the day jobs and make the band a full time concern. Having soon gained a manager in Dave Juste of Birmingham's Xposure Rock Cafe (a regular early haunt), [spunge] hit the road, and would eventually notch up well over three hundred gigs in just two years. Less than a year later in 1999, [spunge] released their debut album Pedigree Chump on MoonSka Europe and thus set about introducing the band and their unique brand of ska, dub, punk and comedy to a wider audience.
The first single to be taken from the album 'The Story So Far' was 'Jump On Demand'. Produced by John Cornfield (Muse, Oasis), 'Jump On Demand' hit the Top 40 despite being ignored by radio and mainstream media magazines and also topped the Kerrang! TV chart for two weeks. Following up this success was going to be difficult with next single 'Roots', but the band still managed to chart in the top 50 again with zero radio play showing that their army of fans were as loyal as ever.The band went on to play the very 1st Download Festival at Castle Donington in July 2003, alongside acts such as Audioslave, NOFX and Metallica as well as several other smaller festivals to great crowds.This proved to the band that there was still a great audience out there for them and they decided it was time to make some big changes to the way things were being dealt with.Firstly the band decided to part company with their manager Dave Juste mainly due to a difference of opinion in how the band should grow. After this split the band decided that, rather than get another manager, why not manage themselves? So that's exactly what they did.
In early 2006, Wol decided to part company with the band after over a decade due to a change in circumstances.. [spunge] are still going strong as a 4 piece and will be recording the next full length album this year.

the stable 6

In a change to our normal "let's fuck about with it and tart it up a bit" we are announcing that the Stable page will HENCEFORTH be taken DIRECTLY from the first paragraph of the biog/about me section supplied by the acts themselves on their website or myspace page.
All the page links are provided from The Forum Stable page, so you can now check out most of the bands online and hear what they are up to etc. You might think this is lazy journalism on our part, but actually we are doing it so that the bands can see in print what they look like online. It's a fact, band members - most people only read the first 4 lines of your biog; unless, that is, they really like what they read or what they hear. Some of these descriptions come across well, some like your band is about as interesting as a trench, a lot in between. Message here is; it's worth thinking about what you are posting online for slightly longer than two minutes as this is what people can actually judge you by. All the punctuation and spelling is "as it is".

This is what the bands are saying about themselves:

ELEMENTAL are a dynamic 3 piece that cross the boundaries between hard and soft rock. Formed after mates Aaron Box (guitar/vocals) and Paul Hare (Bass) contacted mutual friend Nick Westcott (drums) to toy with the idea of getting a band together. The line up has had a few changes with additional vocalists and guitarists coming and going but the backbone has stayed the same. The lads decided, if 3 was good enough for Nirvana it was good enough for them. The band play tunes with the passion and power of the Sex pistols, with the melodies and groove of the Stone Roses. GLAVION - The musical style of Glavion can perhaps best be likened to a meeting of Portishead, Daft Punk and Muse in a jazzy love triangle. Glavion pride themselves on being able to make audiences both jump and listen thoughtfully. KOBRAKAI are a post-hardcore/metal band from Borough Green in Kent. We gig in and around Kent and the Southeast and we currently have a lot of interest from different labels and promoters. We have played with a number of high profile bands such as Towers of London and No Comply, who both played Reading/Leeds 2005, and other bands like The Glitterati, The Inbreds,Useless ID and Ariel-X. We have been together for about two years now and have released several EPs

FALL TO FICTION - We are a Post Hardcore / Punk / Funk / Rock 5 piece from Heathfield and Herstmonceux areas in East Sussex, UK.
Sounds similar to Brand New, Hundred Reasons, The Used, and James Brown...!? Many of the riffs and lyrics have been inspired by bands and artists such as Jason Mraz, Thrice, Finch, UnderOATH etc. MORNING RESCUE - are a 4 piece band from the East Peckham and Tunbridge Wells area playing their own brand of indie rock. Influences ranging from Bloc Party to Fugazi. They have been together since February this year. RAZORBLADE:FISTFIGHTS - Somewhere between the long summer nights, and the frozen winter of late 2005, [Razorblade:Fistfights] forged a unit which over almost a year has stood out like a raised middle finger amongst the stale, and nostalgic harcore music scene, always dreaming of what had come before Ever progressing musical touches, and a taste of hardcore to come, have taught onlookers what a serious band looks like. Defined by the screamo generation, and redefined by the bands depth in ability, the music has elements which seem to polarise audiences as they more than gladly take the reigns in what looks to be the next movement in Post-harcore.

Afflicted Quarter are rock hardcore screamo four piece from Tunbridge Wells. Drowning by Numbers are" a three-piece alternative rock band from eastbourne, we formed in 2004 but have only recently turned three-piece. We are currently writing material for our first EP as a three-piece.". Meanwhile, Strangeday sound like "A whole bunch of stuff".

Tehillah Commission are a four-piece rock band based in Kent, South East England, looking to use an ever growing passion for music to convey a message of hope and truth. As for the name itself; Tehillah is a Hebrew word, which means 'to sing high praises', so (with artistic interpretation) Tehillah Commission means: to be sent to sing high praises. As the name suggests, the motivation behind the band comes from a desire to honour and glorify God, using music to express the different experiences faced in life, and how those experiences relate to our faith and love for Jesus. Theregoeseverything have one of those 'Macromedia Flash' websites whereby one can't cut & paste anything.Hey Ho! Until Escape are "'A band to fill the current void in music.Musically raw, powerful and melodic. "The band merge tension, heaviness and euphonic vocals with an aggressive passion. Lyrically, Until Escape are just as powerfull. The singer writes about the state of humanity, personal confinement and the need for realism within a disaffected generation".

There's no actual info about Simon Leeves on his website, and The Day the Mime Spoke's myspace is under construction. As such, here's lots of info about Henry Willard., I'd make yourself a cup of coffee first though ......."18 year old Henry Willard was born in and grew up in the South-East of England, UK, where he is still located to this present day. First influenced by his mum's Dire Straits records at a very early age, it was at the age of seven when after seeing The Beatles', 'Free as a Bird' music video on VH1, that he fell in love with the Fab Four. The inspiration of Lennon & McCartney's songwriting ability prompted Henry to learn the guitar .As well as the influence of other groups & artists such as Everclear, Kevin Hearn, Brothers Creegan, C.Duck & Nate, & Sara Evans, the major discovery of the late singer/songwriter Elliott Smith has captured Henry's view on reocorded music & approach to songwriting.Taking a much softer and serious approach, the new set of recordings are arguably Henry's best work yet! A great deal of personal feelings and experiences have been put into the new songs, and to create the desired 'home feel', everything was laid down on Henry's digital multitrack at his home".

Mr. Mills' Monthly Moan

The Stable - 23rd September

From memory, I think it's number 6, but I could be wrong. There's a list of rules somewhere on the web, regarding maximising your chances of being considered a cunt in the rock world, and the general idea is to choose a band name that isn't spelled phonetically with several possible pronounciations. The reason behind this is twofold. Firstly, it encourages spelling mistakes on gig listings so that the wannabe cunt can pretend to be interesting by moaning about it. Secondly, should a poor unfortunate fool mispronounce the wannabe cunt's band name, it triggers derisory laughter and condescending corrections from either fans, or more likely, the wannabe cunt himself. Endless amusement, I'm sure you'll agree.
If you didn't know, or vaguely care, it's pronounced 'Raff'. Hmm, ruff. Riffs? ROFLMAO. It's pub rock, Captain, but not as we know it. It's heavy. It's tight. It's glossy. It's vaguely nu-metal. It's funky grunge. It's a rough cross between Pearl Jam, Creed and what might have once been Lacuna Coil. It's…it's…oh fuck it, it's still pub rock no matter how you might dress it up. But is that such a bad thing? Well , no. If you saw this happening in your local, you'd stay there and watch them, no doubt about that. That's what we need really, bands in pubs that one can have no objection to, but let's not pretend it's anything other than what it is, which is essentially a bit crap. Good crap, don't get me wrong. Honest, decent, enjoyable crap, played by musicians of calibre, which makes a change from dire blues covers being played to disinterested pissheads. But crap nonetheless.
The problem with pub bands is that all too frequently, they have superfluous members whom the rest of the band put up with for want of anyone else to use, and sorry to sound sexist, but that's normally the female that they've included to divert attention from the less attractive older members. A tad unnecessary for Rathe as their gargantuan-voiced geeky frontman Kelvin Bugg (that's his real name. Honest) is a hypnotic and intense visual focus, with mad staring eyes under those specs and the mannerisms of a very disturbed loon. His co-singer Tina Frizzell on the other hand seems to be onstage during a brief break between the washing up and getting the kids' tea ready, and though she might provide passable backing harmonies, she looks and performs as if she'd rather be doing something else. Maybe if someone gave her a tambourine or something she might take her hands out of her pockets and feel more useful. But I doubt it.
Rathe are undemanding and easy to like. You might even buy their CD in a moment of pissed optimism and enjoy it too, if you're a bit old to care about much beyond the charts. But that's most of the country, right?
So thank fuck for 9 Volt. What have those naughty boys been doing with themselves? Well, Davey Richardson is no longer wearing a dress and offering five dollar blowjobs to fat tourists in Bangkok, so is back hitting things with a 'ker-tish'. Sam from Vanishing Point has made a fine replacement for bassist Greg Cheney; missing presumed incarcerated in a Chinese harem. Jamie Straker is still trying not to look confused as to which bits go 'twang' and which bits go 'widdle' and of course nothing changes with the Choadster who continues to go chugga-chugga and "waaaargh!" a lot, every inch the ragged skinny grunge god, throwing shapes like a marionette with fucked strings and roaring like someone's dropped a Landrover on his foot.
It's hardly been an encouraging year for Crowborough's finest. Whereas lesser bands would have been content to split and move on once instability sets in, 9 Volt have too much responsibility to let something like that rattle them and have carried on, kicking and screaming when necessary, determined not to let go of the magic that they know they can create.
But with all struggles one finds unexpected bonuses at the end that make the difficult journey worthwhile. Now that they're solid again, 9 Volt have grown up and grown wiser. It's still Alice In Chains with healthy English acne, but more geared towards hobnail-booted power and drama than bonecrushing riffs and casual doom.9 Volt, you'll be pleased to hear, have decluttered. Maybe they've taken the advice of a self-help book and simplified their existence, because for the first time, we're able to experience 9 Volt with a little more languid easy confidence. It's undeniably heavy still, but the difference is extraordinary. The new material is sharp, dark and powerful; experiments in mood and pace that go beyond anything they've committed to so far. While on more familiar ground, the likes of "Halos" have space to breathe, as well as a crystal clear sound, making 9 Volt appear monstrously, impossibly huge. "Crash and Burn" is as glorious as always but it's a very different beast to the one they left behind a year ago. Slower, twistier and beautifully decadent, it has hairs on it's balls, ready to ruck with the big lads and cause damage to whomever is fool enough to get in its way. There might be a lack of bodies dancing, but 9 Volt have something special now, fully charged and ready for optimum performance, so just like the batteries, stick 'em on a moist body part and get off on the buzz. Zap.
As I type this, Stephen Fry is currently on the telly talking about his bi-polar disorder, and it seems rather disturbingly familiar. Not just personally, but because Stable shows recently seem to be demonstrating similar levels of swinging between the extremes of mood, such as seething anger at the lack of punters watching 9 Volt, to quiet gratitude that the place is not full of people watching appallingly embarrassing tripe like Moving Pictures.
Though claiming to be something between Modest Mouse and Blur, what we actually get with Moving Pictures is a dreadfully untogether and quite vulgar garage band trying to find some identity away from thousands of Libertines-esque indie bands and failing quite dismally. "This is called 'Sleep Sleep Sleep' ", says the man with the mic, rather aptly, because it's dull dull dull and crap crap crap. Aside from the jangly twin Telecasters that seem so fashionable these days, we have a bassist who won't shut up or turn down, a drummer who can't count (and what IS he doing with that cowbell?) and a vocalist who appears to have craneflies mating in his nostrils, although perhaps if he didn't hang so awkwardly and put his fucking guitar in a normal position he might sound a little less like he was suffocating. But hey, what do I know anyway? I'm just the poor fucker listening.
Moving Pictures could, given a chance, develop enough confidence in themselves to create majestic sweeping soundscapes in the way that, say, CORD do, and at times, they even sound as if a real song might eventually emerge from within the faux-drama and kitchen-sink daydreams. But such moments are short lived and disappointing, as they die just when they begin to get interesting or tolerable. For instance, a ditty called "Frank", ,apparently about a guy they were at school with, shows eccentric promise with a rather kitsch xylophone intro, but deteriorates into painfully lame and unimaginative scuzz punk, the only purpose of which would seem to be to demonstrate that they can't have liked him very much.
File under "Music to put on a compilation for your girlfriend if you want her to dump you".

Contact us

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COMEDY FORUM - Thursday 2nd Nov
THE OTHERS - Friday 3rd Nov
SECOND MONDAY - Friday 10th Nov
MISTY'S BIG ADVENTURE - Saturday 11th Nov
PROPAGANDHI - Friday 8th Dec

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