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"An enjoyable night - they still got it, even at their age.
They definitely drew the biggest crowd of the evening (a feat given the general poor turn out), and as usual surprised any Wizard virgins on the floor. Bruce's energy bounced about the room as much as he bounced about the stage, whipping up the kids at the front into almost a full three seconds of furious heckling. They needn't have bothered because quite frankly he dont care. Some delightful finger-licking fun from Dan, Yoda and Bisto, proving that intravenous cocoa is a while away yet. And Dan's throat-drying vocals in his cameo appearance left much nodding and approving bravos rippling through the cheap seats. Alex may have been tucked away out of sight but not out of sound on the demon skins, but some may only have seen the tip of his pointy hat.
Oh yes, those costumes.....
Keep it up boys, dress and all, because you do know how to make us feel whole again (or something)."

Many thanks to Helen Kitto for the the photos of the Gay Wizards from 26th May 2003 and the report of the night - Cheers!


Pictures of 9-Volt & Monte Carlo Presents from 29th April 2003.  Thanks to Chris for sending them in (you'll find a review of the night here).

An undated Defcon night

An undated Dufuz night

Some more photos from Fran of www.catch-the-pigeon.com fame - Cheers!

Charlottefield at the Forum
Ye Wiles From the Unlabel 017 release party

Yet more excellent photos from Katie - as is now customary, the last three aren't local and they're not playing at the forum - but then you knew that, didn't you?

Many thanks to Winona for these of Crackout - Here review of the night can be found here

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