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The Gallery

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Joeyfat at the Bull & Gate - 6th March 2002

Joeyfat at the The Forum - 12th April 2002

Cove at the Amersham Arms - 8th April 2002

Charlottefield at the Amersham Arms - 8th April 2002

Shellac at All Tomorrows Parties Festival in Camber - 20 & 21 April 2002

Well okay, the last lot aren't that local, or playing at the Forum for that matter, but a) they're bloody good photos and b) they're Shellac.

Many thanks to Katie for these.  If you'd like to find out more about her work, then you can email her on katiecarnage@hotmail.com or visit her website www.katiecarnage.com

4th Wall

Carpe Diem

Dufuz (Christ, that Simon gets everywhere)

Lawrence, a man with a lot on his mind

Pictures from 20th July 2002 - Courtesy of Ben - Cheers!!

Robert Llewellyn presenting 'Woman Wizard'

Private Monkie and The Juddermen @ the Forum in Feb '02
Many thanks to Sam C

Other random photos

Paul Cheese

Biffy Cyro




Not sure about the dates for these....
Many thanks to Overland, Rydell, Andy P and Charlie for these....


Electro Group

Hirameka Hifi

The Forum, 12 April 2002

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