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Readers' Whines

Welcome to the page where you get to moan.
Moan about this website, moan about bands, moan about a pseudo right-wing, arrogant, megalomanical, prime minister, or moan about the weather.

Below is a selection of the ignorant, misinformed knee jerk mail we have received (heh, only joking).

Short but sweet (Millsey again)
And again… yes that review
Millsey on the Block (part two)
Millsey on the Block (part one)
Misguided of Tunbridge Wells
Will something happen?
2M sticks his two peneth in
Misled by Zeppelin
Whining Skater?

Please note: for the phrase "ignorant, misinformed & knee jerk" please read "useful and insightful views". Thank you.

Go on, send in some rants...