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Here we have the write up that this site got from the Skankin Skater records website:

Ummmm, it seems that this site was put up and made for local bands but the reviewers of some of the stable gigs seem to be pro TUNBRIDGE bands and ant any other, reluctent to admitance of liking anyone else, this kinda snotty reviewing of, "i dont wanna be hear reviewing unkown bands, wheres my Oasis records" is anoying but their hart is there and i always like to see some-one helping the locals, well trying at least.

I was thinking of running a competition for how many grammar and spelling mistakes you could find in the above paragraph.  I count 12 (not including 'kinda' and 'wanna', which I assume were intentional).  If any can find any more then I will give you a special mention here.

I was actually most offended by the Oasis reference, though.

This e_mail regards a rather ironic topic;  In what I'm guessing to be your excited and rather flipart efforts to take the piss out of the grammatical errors made by skankinskater records or whatever its called, you apear to have omitted the latter three letters from the word 'anyone'. You said (and I quote):

"If any can find any more then I will give you a special mention here."

Well Phillip my friend it appears to me that you've shot yourself in the foot there old boy, as im sure some other cocky bastard will point out that I have too.  Oh well ne'er mind.

Simon Leeves (The Ideots)

I think that this one is self explanatory, and I have resisted any temptation to become overexcited and flipart about others' grammar.

Go on, send in some rants...