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I had to write this down after having read a review by 'Simon' on the Holy Toilet reviews.

I have to say that I totally disagree with Simons views above. Firstly, Simon obviously has not listened to very much live Led Zeppelin material. All of Led By Zeppelins renditions were obviously based around Led Zeppelins live performances from the 70's. As an avid Led Zeppelin bootleg collector, I was quite impressed with the amount of live renditions that I recognised from live tapes of the 1977 Led Zep American tours.

Secondly, the whole band looked impressive with high attention to detail visually with what they were wearing, and especially their mannerisms. I think as well, the band would have performed better, had myself and the rest of the audience actually moved to the front of the hall and paid them some attention. It was quite obvious that most people, probably including Simon, stood at the back of the hall drinking and not taking any notice of the band. I think that before Simon goes to watch any other tribute bands, he should study up on the original band and how they performed live themselves.
Also, I'd like to point out that should you not stay for the entirety of a gig, you are not really qualified to review it. The renditions of such tracks as "Since I've been loving you" and "Kashmir" took me back to when I stood with countless other people in a field at Knebworth Park in 1979. Then came 'Moby Dick' how can Simon say that this would not have made John Bonham proud?

Overall, I felt that Led By Zeppelin was quite easily the best of the Led Zeppelin tribute bands I have seen, including Stairway to Zeppelin and Whole Lotta Led.....I very much hope that we'll get to see them again at the Forum, and hopefully next time the rest of the audience will actually bother to go and watch them, Simon included.

Cheers, Steph+

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Well thanks for the mail and to be honest I wasn't there, so I can't really comment - but I must commend your dedication to Led Zep.  It does, if you don't mind me saying, suggest that your knowledge of live Led Zeppelin is possibly bordering on the wrong side of anorak.  But hey, interesting nonetheless!
If any one else can beat this for erm, trainspotterness, then send it in.

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