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Oi Phil

I like your reviews page.  I like your caption competition.  I like everything about the Holy Toilet website.  BUT what I can't abide is people making wild and wholly untrue, and boringly predictable, assertions about the audience all being eight years old or Slipknot fans.

I may be losing my eyesight and going partially deaf, but as somebody who was forced to attend the InMe show when I could have been doing a lot more sensible things like knocking up a cheese souffle and trying to get my kids to stop watching the Bear in the Big Blue House, I can categorically state that Winona, who reviewed the show on your website, either has a large chip on her shoulder or is alternatively winding you up.  The average age of the audience was not "14" it was about 30.  I didn't see a single "black hoodie" and believe me even my failing eyesight can spot the colour black when it is hanging over somebody's head.  Nobody down there looked "depressed" and hardly any of them were "teenagers". If Winona felt "out of place" then I can only surmise that it must be because she is 14 and wears a black hoodie because bugger all other people down there were like that.

Didn't much like the music either, but just thought it was a bit pointless to slag off a band by playing up to a stereotypical view of their audience.  Also, just wanted to let you know that some of us read every single thing you put up.


[Read the original review here]

I know it's a predictable response, but I wasn't at the forum that night, so I can't really comment to the clientele for that show.  But I'm more worried about the last comment: "Also, just wanted to let you know that some of us read every single thing you put up." I can't decide if that is meant as a compliment or a threat....

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