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Hey Philament D (or should I say 'The Avant Bard' ??)

Due to my inability to sleep at the hours dictated by society I was scoping out the the various websites of T.Wells based bands linked to your very own (and may I add, rather spiffing), holytoilet.com at about 3:30 am, and was rather impressed by a few of them.  I wont mention any names though, for fear of inflating any already raging egos any further.  Anyway I came upon the Ideots website and was greeted by a rather bland and unfriendly message telling me that "something will happen soon".  At first I thought this may have been some kind of metaphorical statement about life in general, and found it rather amusing as I have been waiting for "something to happen soon" in my life for quite a while.  Unfortunately nothing happened therefore my next assumption was that the message was actually referring to the website itself.  To cut a long, and may I add, rather boring story short, I waited on the Ideots website for over three hours.  The sun had risen, the birds were chirping, and from staring at the screen for so long my eyes had sickly looking black smudges beneath them, not unlike the eyes of some of the Forums more outlandish patrons (except I didn't need to apply a bucketload of black eyeshadow and pale white foundation to achieve the effect).   Yes.. for three hours I waited on the Ideots website for "something to happen soon", but was sorely disappointed.  Nothing happened at all, not a jot, nada, absolutely sod all.  I am actually thinking of sueing the band on the grounds of false advertising.  Please advise immediately as I haven't been able to sleep since.  Just thinking about the whole sorry incident sends me into an uncontrolable rage.

Please print this on your site as I would rather save others the agony and trauma of engaging in this same folly.

Take care,

P.V. Proboscis Monkey (esq)

What can I say?  You've all been warned...

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