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Speaking as a Guns N Roses, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne fan I am protesting about the comments written about 80's metal on the news page of the Holy Toilet website.  Yes, yes OK they did have crap haircuts and did where dodgy clothes (you should be thankful that you did not see anyone in spandex) but you must get over these atrocities and realise the true brilliance of the genre.  I know that it may not be everybody's cup of tea and that it is very likely to see many people slagging me off on the Holy Toilet website, but then again there might be many people attacking the attack on 80's metal (there is at least one other 80's metal fan in Tunbridge Wells, I saw someone with a curly, blow-dried mullet yesterday).  Just think of it like this, not many people liked the song Bohemian Rhapsody until they saw it on Wayne's World for what it was, a song to make you laugh on a Friday night.  It may sound stupid but nevertheless it does the job, as in my opinion does 80's metal.  It is about dressing up as stupidly as you can, squashing your genitals and destroying the O Zone layer with all that hairspray.  Who knows, perhaps in twenty years time hoodies, baggy jeans and Nu Metal bands will be frowned upon.   

Thank you for you comments.  Firstly I wrote what I did as someone who started listening to music in the late 80's and was indeed a metaller for a number of years - I dunno, maybe I'm subconsciously taking the piss out of what I looked like back then.   However I stand by wot I said and really don't see 80's metal fans as quite as self-aware as you imply. But hey there you go.  I admit it, I'm a bigoted old bastard.

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