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I have to argue with both of the reviews on the evening of the 15th of April as I thought that made in Britain did not deserve the shit they got from Paul Mills or the lack of interest shown to them by Briony. Although they werenít great they were definitely the best band there on the night and just because of their age doesnít mean they cant have political views. Paul if you know any more than they do feel free to give a talk and if you have the balls stand up for what you do believe in. frankly as always elegantly trashed turned out to be not so elegantly shit. If they want to play country and western fair enough but donít make out to be a rock band. Soul Circus were reasonable apart from the cover that they opened with, I have no problem with covers so long as they are done well, but not as an opener at least show us your own work first. Chris the basest from made in Britain returned their admiration for his band and says that "Soul Circus were good and I actually quite liked them."
Yes maybe one day when their voices have broken and they can hold a guitar off the ground more than a metre off limit will be good. No offence to the band the talent is certainly there but I thought before they can make it as a decent band they need to look and sound as if they arenít a group of kids practising with their primary school music teacher.
Yes the evening was good however beer inside your gut helped the music go down better and I doubt I would go to it again if they all played together.

p.s. Davey Jones loves Paul very much for his review and says, "The band isnít out to make friends we are having a good time playing music and messing about."


and another one

A MESSAGE FOR PAUL MILLS. The "Intullectual".
Oh my, mr mills! You've deffinatley been doing your homework eh? I think I can speak for the whole band when I say how deeply touched we all are, for your long, carefully produced piece of writing. A few word though; all of the bands parents have intention of working for any co-operate shit. We are not rich, and the instruments we own were paid by are own hard working selves. We don't think of ourselves as cocks, and are not known as them by any one who knows us. (exept for lurch, who dosent know us).
So do come and see us on the 2nd of June, as we will try soooooo hard to improve just for you. (bollocks). For you see, we aren't punks, as punk is dead, we are only trying to illustrate it. I myself think as myself as more of a mod in a shit loud band, who wont try hard in life, for you or any of your snobby little trendie mates!

With thanx for the "wake-up call" attempt!
hope we see you on the 2nd, as you have are invetation for the guest list.
Yours most deffinatley sincerely,
"the midget Davey-Jones" Jame. (the shit sterers)

p.s. we are losing the bog brush head by the way.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haÖ.excuse me while I clean up after a sudden temporary bout of mirth-induced incontinence.

For a while, I was beginning to wonder whether Iíd got it wrong and MIB were actually playing a very clever and elaborate game of publicity, pretending to be talentless tone-deaf Neanderthals with the intellectual capacities of retarded molluscs, because it would wind people up. All publicity is good publicity after all and itís in the spirit of punk that getting a reaction like that is important. You have proved beyond doubt that I was right the first time. Thanks.

Blimey, a short response from me! Thatís a first. Well, thereís no point in elaborating on something thatís blatantly fucking obvious.

Good luck on the 2nd June. I might come down if thereís nothing good on the telly.

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