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I am shocked and appaulled at the lack of information and misinformation of one of the greatest (Ha) bands in South East england. You pigs you. You could even be bothered to spell it right! ITS MUMM~RA! NOT MUMMRA! Mummra are a completely different band of fat wierdy beardies, whereas Mumm~Ra are wiery youths with fantastic music pouring out their ears. The link to whatever Mumm~Ra website you were linking to (whether its MummRa or Mumm~Ra) doesn’t even work!! For shame…..

Doogie McGoogle

I apologise. I have received literally thousands of similar emails complaining about the lack of coverage of Mumm Ra, MummRa Mumm~Ra on this site and whilst I have been trying to keep a lid on it to prevent any civil unrest and prevent the movement gaining any further momentum, now is the time to come clean.
We have, I admit spent too much time pandering to the 21st Century music 'elite' whilst supressing everything else. I really didn’t appreciate the depth of feeling about Mumm Ra, MummRa Mumm~Ra until the police had to move to me that safe house due to the death threats from disgruntled fans (well, Crispin Mills doesn’t have a lot else to do these days).
I shall do all I can to correct the situation forthwith.
Well, as soon as I've worked out what exactly I need to do to correct the situation, that is.
Go on, send in some rants...