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Furniture Sound, Cats and Cats and Cats, Itch,

My 21 Grams, Easy Kill,

The Ĺ hour set was very well received amongst the crowded forum floor. The band even impressed the crowd enough to start stage diving and moshing. I was very surprised with the band and I would say this is a band to look out for in the near future.

Intraverse, Talking Backwards, Episode, Offlimit, Rosemary, Drenched in Red,


Part Chimp, I'm Being Good, Headquarters,

Which leads me to Iím Being Good. I kept hearing about this lot: Fucking Iím Being Good this, fucking Iím Being Good that. And you know what? They were really good.

Dopeamine, My 21 Grams, Shards Of Glass,

The set couldíve been longer, they only had about 45mins, long enough however to make them one of the best bands Iíve seen at the Forum in a while.

Exus, Vivid Release, Nexus, Grumpy Jack,

I don't think i've ever wanted a band to finish as much as I wanted these guys to, and to my dismay the band ended and proceeded to go into an encore of two awful attempts at covering Offspring songs.

Five Knuckle, When Skies Fade, Glaucoma,

Five knuckle were ace and due to Poveyís endless persuasion for me to come to the gig, I have this review. All ready for people to read and to see that Bristol rules! And that When Skies Fade are Uckfieldís last chance to lose its name as the shithole that it is!!

Jesse James, The Needles, Crab in a Cab, RainEater,

A perfect way to end, or start, your weekend. Jesse James, as always, gets big thumbs up from me. I would recommend them to anyone...

Toupe, Kingskin, Grumpy Jack, Dufuz,

A fairly decent turn out for a show. Could have been alot fuller but wasn't bad..... ...This is a night for award winning bands. Having come 8th in the world in the international Emergenza Battle Of The Bands, TOUPE recorded 2004 most unique album.

Rachel Stamp, Ariel X, 9-Volt,

Rachel Stamp, sleazy glam rock at its best. I defy anyone not to want to rush out and plaster their face in make-up and stomp their feet to the infectious beat that is Rachel Stamp.

No Comply, Right Turn Clyde,

After playing a couple more from their debut (Your life is your direction) and a few newbies from their new album I haven't actually heard yet i was left feeling they werent as good as last time but still a good night and a good band.

The Driver Brothers, Paul Schneider, Jon Richards,

...going to a Driver Brothers gig in a rural pub would probably be a real hoot. If youíd chosen to see them here tonight though, youíd probably go home wondering why on earth people bothered to experience live music at all. Itís enough to make you shudder, really.

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