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The StableDe Senda
Rating: n/a

Only their second time at the Tunbridge Wells Forum and the De Senda seem to be taking it all in their stride. Initially as they move onto the Stage I wonder where exactly this Bassless band will be taking us. Cheeky grins from the foursome break occasionally into the crowd as they push the final tunings and adjustments out across the assembled audience some 150 strong.
The waiting crowd is far from disappointed by the build up to “Long Sleep” which slides smoothly into clean guitars overlaid with a beat not too adventurous for new listeners to anticipate but skilled. Passion fuelled distorted power to the end stirrs up the crowd into something unusual and rarely found at a Stable night, movement. “Emptiness” is next on, not as much of a build for this, more of a mini talent showcase. Ed Adams drum intro leads into a nice rocky tune, reminiscent of Alkaline Trio in places. Not as identifiable as the first but picks up points
“Face in the crowd” a well timed ‘ballad’ gets more people moving out of the crowd towards the stage, heavier moments and another skilled solo in this powerful tune.
Fourth comes “Blind Maybe” powering in with ‘Jungle Drums’. Gleefully shouted from the crowd by a small but rapidly building fan base. The natural presence of the band shines through in their most finely tuned pieces and this is obviously one of them. The pitch and roll is superb throughout and the crowd responds willingly to strong vocals and complimentary guitar riffs.
Finally “Suspect” the energy and tension building towards this final piece lifts it over the crowd to where even the bar stuff can’t resist moving. Singer Sam Lewis moves in the crowd as the audience responds to the catchy riff and beat. Tom Lewis plays a consistently accomplished and technical tune that manages to glide even through the Forum’s tech set up. The final song finishes leaving the sensation it was born to be an encore played as a signature piece finish on round the world tours and I’m sure that’s exactly where it will end up.

Coralie Tringham
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