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Elegantly Trashed
Soul Circus
Made in Britain
Rating: n/a

Not many were sure quite what to expect from Made In Britain after being described both as the worst band ever as well as talented musicians. The band didn't make much of a grand entrance; spending five minutes on stage doing nothing kind of kills the dramatic moment for everyone. They opened with the words "We're Made in Britain and we're not fucking Nazis' by the way" which was a relief to know considering it was the main concern for every 15 year old in the room. It remained unclear however what hating "hippies" and "teenie boppers" had to do with the political parties the band feel so strongly against. If Made in Britain put even half as much effort into their music as they have trying to achieve their look they'd probably make a half-decent band.

Soul Circus, although not the best band of the evening, were sheer bliss after the noises of Made in Britain. The music is clearly influenced by some of their own favourites including Metallica and Sikth, yet these guys add a touch of originality to get a good set. The majority of the crowd seemed to be enjoying what Soul Circus had to offer but no one looked overly thrilled that they had paid 5 to get in at this point of the evening.

Off Limit saved the night with their great stage presence and talent. It was a shame they did so many Muse covers as they obviously have the ability to write quality music themselves. I was clear all three of the guys love performing as they jumped around apparently oblivious to the crowd for most of the time. Off Limit were able to add a few last minute songs - no practice required but still managing to hit every note. Although there was still one band remaining Off Limit had already made it their night.

Elegantly Trashed were the final band to wrap up the evening with eight original pieces. It took them a while to hot up and they only really made it to luke warm. It would have been a good set for them but they have no experience of covering for their mistakes - not even the minor ones. After the first mistake the band lost all confidence which affected their performance. No doubt that when they're the rock stars they assure everyone they will be, they'll able to cope with these slip-ups.

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