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Dogs Die in Hot Cars
Rating: n/a

Iím still constantly amazed at the quality of bands The Forum manages to obtain, when I found DDiHC on the gig listing, well to be honest I squealed.
Antistar were the first band up, they gave a sound performance highlighted by their fantastic singer (and to boot heís called Barney!) It was a lovely mix of Coldplayís mellow indie and Radioheadís glory days (especially the lead guitaristís Johnny Greenwood style intricacies) However what let them down was their unimaginative chord progressions, with a bit of variation here they could be a class act in years to come.
The Next band were a shock, essentially they are a band striving not to be cool (though Iím afraid they are, very much so) and out to have a great time. Their blend of Hip-Hop, country and guitar pop is enough to make anyone smile uncontrollably. Plus they are from Scandinavia, with the crazy accents and everything!
And then Dogs Die in Hot Cars, such bouncy, funky, happy tunes! I defy anyone who doesnít want to at least bounce up and down with a smile on their face to this band. Their sound is probably best described as a cross between the Cure, Hot Hot Heat and Dexyís Midnight Runners. Three things pleased me greatly at this gig:

1) Gohopping! - Such a great track and I think the new single, I urge you to buy!
2) ĎI love you cos I have toí Ė damn catchy song
3) The crazee keyboard girl, genius!

However catchy many of their choruses are, many songs did leave you staring blankly and wondering how itís possible for the lead singerís face to contort so much when he sings (just me then?) Though these are the kind of songs that if you bought the album would grow on you. I hope so for their sake, we need more oddballs!

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