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No Comply
Right Turn Clyde
Rating: n/a

Tonight there was only two bands for some reason, as the second support band couldn't make it. So seeing as the first band started at nine, I went to the Duke of York for a quick couple of beverages. Realising it was nine o' clock suddenly, I downed my drink and rushed over to the forum for Right Turn Clyde, and to be honest with you I shouldn’t have rushed. In two words, Very Generic. They were as far as I could tell middle class southern english kids, who for some ridiculous reason were singing with fake
stereotypical orange county accents, it was like bbusted trying to play pennywise. To their credit they played well together, were competent at their instruments and were pretty tight. They were a four chord, skatepunk band, who if they got rid of their american accents I might actually have enjoyed their set, with a good use of harmony in their vocals too. The music was very melodic, fairly catchy but just repetitive and unoriginal. I suppose my first comparission to busted was a bit harsh, as I'd rather
listen to ANYTHING than busted.
I was really looking forward to No Comply, as last time they played the forum was the first time I'd ever seen them and they blew me away quite frankly. Ska-core couldn’t describe them any better with, unusually, a girl as lead vocalist screaming away to driving hardcore punk and fast hard ska
The brass section consisting of trombone and trumpet gives a powerful and full sound, as illustrated with their opening song "falling from crosses".
After playing a couple more from their debut (Your life is your direction) and a few newbies from their new album I haven't actually heard yet i was left feeling they werent as good as last time but still a good night and a good band.

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