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Grumpy Jack
4/5: Top BogRating:

A fairly decent turn out for a show. Could have been alot fuller but wasn't bad. Opening the night was Kent based funk band DufuZ. I was expecting an Incubus/Chilis hybrid kind of sound but what I heard was a 'not-so-great' attempt at playing covers in their own style. With a limited amount of original songs, DufuZ played covers from Michael Jackson and Primus and it seemed to me that band have spent more time and effort over their image than the sound. Dressed in colourful jackets and fluffy boots, the band didn't impress much of the crowd other than those who came along to support them.

Next up were Brighton band 'Grumpy Jack'. The band hit the stage in much less of a colourful outfit that the previous band but wth alot more presence. Building up into their first tune with funky bass and guitar riffs, the crowd sporting Grumpy Jack T-Shirts seem to know exactly whats coming with shouts and screams roaring up from the bands fanbase. The band exploded into the most catchy song of their set, funk and blues influenced guitar parts with funky slap bass and quirky vocals. When the band reach the first guitar solo of the set it's evident that these are seriously talented guys. Wowing the crowd with the bands unique mix of funk, blues, metal and rock, Grumpy Jack burn throught their set of suprisingly memorable songs. The highlight of the bands set was hearing a note-perfect cover of Joe Satriani's Surfing With The Alien, one of the few bands to get away with trying to play this kinda stuff live. A definate must see band...

'Best UK Unsigned Band' is not a title easily aqquired, but next band on the bill 'Kingskin' recieved this award early 2004 in the Kerrang Magazine readers poll. After seeing this band play I was curious to find out how they describe themselves so I took a trip to their website. Quality Funge! A perfect description of themselves. Mixing Funk and Grunge in equal measures Kingskin even managed to get the crowd chanting their lyrics during one of their E.P released songs 'Beanie'. Currently working on recording their debut album (Due Out Early 05) the band fly through a set of songs including that song everyone knows...A unique cover of "I love You Baby!.." etc etc. Well executed tight heavy rock music at its best.

This is a night for award winning bands. Having come 8th in the world in the international Emergenza Battle Of The Bands, TOUPE recorded 2004 most unique album. Comprising of two bassists and a drummer (No Guitars) these Southampton based loons unfortunatly end up playing to a smaller crowd than the other three bands but those left in the building look extremely impressed. From 18's (A song about the vocalists very large 'ahem') to new songs from their upcoming album, Toupe blend together funk bass and comic vocals and with their new drummer 'J' take on the speed and accuary of metal to form a highly original sound. After seeing them play I went and bought their first album 'Alopecia' and when it's out the new one 'Burgers' will also be in my possesion. Top class Music!

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