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Five Knuckle
When Skies Fade
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Five knuckle, when skies fade, glaucoma 8th october 2004
Amidst the blanket of emo supporters sporting interesting hair cuts in the crowd, appeared the band Glaucoma, carrying on the trend with the haircuts. It was a poor turnout for a Friday night at the forum but none the less, the band seemed fairly happy and there were a few hardcore supporters of the lads, rocking out in the crowd.
The band started out with an impressive hard hitting tune full of lots of shouting and great guitar riffs. The front man, sporting his fender bass proudly, yelled out to the crowd to come forward and start a little atmosphere, the crowd were happy to oblige so I found myself right in front of the stage looking up at the confident bassist.
What can I say about this band? They had good timing and a connection was felt between the guys. It was the usual thing youíd find at the forum. So the band definitely fitted in with the usual forum line-up. Although whilst standing in front of the stage I was nodding along to the tunes, I did find myself looking at the fag butts on the floor. There was no pit but some very enthusiastic fans. I liked these guys but they need to work on some attention grabbing songs. Make them sound different! Otherwise the band has great potential and I hope they keep going!
Next up were the lovely Uckfield guys When Skies Fade. These lads were originally Henry Holds His Own until Roman, and a few others just wanted to go hardcore. Before, they were doing ska, skacore and I remember singing along to "Dave lost his shoe" and other such great skanking songs but I like the way theyíve incorporated Tomís powerful voice with some great riffs and hefty hammering from Paul on the guitar.
So, the Uckfield fans eagerly anticipated the next set as the noise in the crowd grew and as I walked over to the bar, missing my great new friend mark, ordered myself a Smirnoff ice, the band introduced themselves to an adoring crowd. "And the crowd goes wild for..". And before I knew it Toms in the crowd with his Mic, screaming out his lyrics in the faces of the fans that are loving it and Iím thinking, not only has he got confidence and charisma, but he has great stage presence and the audience enjoy it greatly!
The band timing was good, despite Roman complaining about Daveís drumming on the last song. I didnít notice the difference and I doubt if the fans did but they well. Their set was well planned as always and they included some great suspense in their well-timed dynamics. Tom managed to start off a pit which was probably just us Uckfield lot but still, the fans seemed to like the songs and some even sang along. So with Tomís beautiful screaming, and Romans wish to be hardcore, there they were, When Skies Fade. A great "ultra extreme hardcore" band that enjoyed the gig just as much as the fans did.
Last but not least were Five Knuckle from Bristol. These likely lads didnít sport an accent much to my disappointment and I found myself muttering Bristolian colloquialisms to myself. As expected, the band fulfilled my proudness to have lived in Bristol for 8 years, and dragged the crowd right up to the stage and almost immediately a pit was started. The front man was very confident and constantly happy. He smiled a lot whilst belting out the lyrics of their second song, Fake Escape. This band was good live and in comparison to their studio work, which I was listening to on the bus on the way to the gig, they did very well. Their timing was perfect and the crowd seemed to know all the words to all their songs.
The audience were either getting more hyped up to the gig or just getting more pissed towards the end of the set but either way, the pit was getting bigger and the lads from When Skies Fade were seen jumping around also. I too, sang along when they played Male Chauvinist Gig and when I heard the first few bars of Sleep Easy I couldnít help but throw my note pad to the side and run to the front of the crowd to mosh along to this classic tune.
All in all, the bands were all great and I especially have to hold my hands up to When Skies Fade because we love them all!! Tomís screaming just really cheered me up so I thank him and the rest of the guys. Five knuckle were ace and due to Poveyís endless persuasion for me to come to the gig, I have this review. All ready for people to read and to see that Bristol rules! And that When Skies Fade are Uckfieldís last chance to lose its name as the shithole that it is!!

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