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My 21 Grams
Shards Of Glass
Rating: n/a

Maybe I don’t go in the Forum enough these days, but this is one of the poorest turn outs for a Friday night that I have seen in a long time, especially for a band like Dopamine.

Shards of Glass started the gig. A local band from East Grinstead with Funeral For a Friend style licks. Their music is has been done before, heavy melodic emo which changes to a gentle mellow sound before upping the temp again. However, they were still very easy enjoyable to listen to (despite the lyrics). ‘Fight the Feeling’ stood out probably the most, which sounded like a cross between Finch and Days in December. The vocals were strong in most songs, but the band were lacking some stage presence.

My 21 Grams (guessing this is to do with the weight of your soul) formed only in the last 8 months were a very different style to Shards of Glass. However they showed a lot of promise. They could be compared to The Glitterati but with more of a punk edge. Fast paced rock with some great guitar riffs and awesome drumming. The weakest part of their set was probable the vocals, maybe they were intended to be how they were, but the vocalist seemed to convert most of the melody in his vocals to shouting as the gig went on. I hear that this band are supposed to be getting quite big, though they are not a band that I’ll be following, their energy and stage presence was impressive none the less.

Dopamine, in my view were incredible. Neil was outstanding on vocals, slick moves from the crazy lead guitarist, ‘Michael Jackson with a guitar’ one of my friends remarked. They started with the first track off their album ‘Destroy Something Beautiful’, which has a great opening riff which could be compared to FFAF. They followed with more songs off their debut album, before playing a new one which gave me something to look forward to in their new album.

I think the stand out track for me had to be Lifeline Exercise No.5, the dynamics in this song are superb, and the main riff is first-class. Other stand out songs included Laruso and One Last Breath.

I brought 3 friends along that hadn’t heard much / none of Dopamine and 2 of them ended up buying the album. The only disappointment was that they didn’t do any acoustic songs (checkout myspace.com/dopamine for ‘this january’ and an acoustic cover of ‘Mr Jones’. The set could’ve been longer, they only had about 45mins, long enough however to make them one of the best bands I’ve seen at the Forum in a while.

Check them out at www.dopaminemusic.com!

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