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Summer of LoveIntraverse
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Right, first off I performed this evening so I’ll skip that segment of the review. I just thought it was a fantastic night and somebody should review it. This is my first review, so apologies if it’s not that well structured as I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, but as it stands I’ve got a lot of time on my hands and I’m through with studying cracks in the ceiling.

First up were Drenched in Red. I really didn’t know what to expect from this band, to be honest I wasn’t expecting all that much, as I can be one of these people that will unwillingly make an assumption before the band has even played a chord. “Another young band” I thought. It’s quite easy to lump a lot of these bands into the same category, and frequently you find yourself forgetting their name as a result of your boredom. Months later you’ll see them again thinking “Oh no, not them!” then spend the next half an hour outside, popping down to KFC, attempting to “pull” …Or whatever else floats your boat instead of watching the band onstage. They come on and play the opening bars of “Love Cats” by The Cure as an intro, I found myself intrigued and hadn’t dismissed them yet. But it wasn’t until they moved into their first song it became apparent I was very wrong. This young band is oozing with potential… The two singers complimented each other perfectly Dan Horsecroft’s throaty vocals have a Seattle tinged rasp, which sits nicely with Tom Adolph’s softer singing and androgenic appearance. 80s classic “You spin me around” was well received; their chaotic brand of alt-rock is as entreating and will have you involuntarily tapping your feet or nodding your head. (Or if you’re like me dancing manically… it doesn’t do much for your street cred though!) I enjoyed this band; although they have yet to find a style they’re comfortable with… At the moment they sound a lot like Placebo (An obvious influence, judging by their very solid cover of “Nancy Boy”) when they stray away from their influences I think they will develop a strong following.

Next up were Rosemary feat. new guitarist, with a song they apparently only finished that afternoon. You’d expect to see a complete shambles on stage, but you’d be wrong. They were all very talented… Guitarist Lewis had a unique style and I loved his use of effects. The sound was reminiscent of A perfect Circle or perhaps a less up beat My Vitriol (My comparison because of the effects used) James had the difficult task of fronting the band, despite not being a permanent vocal fixture (I know this through the “Wanted” section of the forum message board) he delivers well, although being drowned out a little by everything else. I liked their rendition of “Shove it” by the deftones, as it’s always nice to hear a take on a favourite song. Most of their set was purely instrumental, which is a shame because despite being a very tight confident unit, without vocals it just doesn’t come off all that well, there’s nothing to hum along to. I think with the right front man/woman this band could be very exciting, there’s a lot going on in the instrumentally… it just needs that extra layer to compliment it.

I like Offlimit, we played with them on our first gig (T-Aid which was in February) they can really move! Dale’s grooving bass lines, and grinding vocals, and Hamish’s cocky guitar swaggering, this band has nailed their performance. I’ve seen them on a few occasions and despite constant comparisons to Muse It’s not all that apparent on this particular evening. (They may well have played a cover though, my memory escapes me) I’m just waiting to see what this band can do, they’ve already got a sound which I think they can proudly call their own, and they’re still young and have so much left in them to really pull this off. All they need to do is work on refining it, if they can re-create the energy of their standout song “Attention Seeker” (Had me shrieking along) I think that they will be something to really look forward to.

Blind date… err I cringe as I recollect on it. Let’s move on shall we?

Episode weren’t happy… It can be really frustrating to have your set cut short, what’s more there were a few otherwise un-noticeable mistakes (If it weren’t for the fact Front man Chris’s face crumpled like paper) and some technical difficulties with Matt’s little keyboard can really put a downer for a band when they perform. Episodes constantly impress their audience; their sound is chunky riff happy mayhem, post-grunge and something more modern simultaneously. The band don’t want to be judged on this performance, but I think they do themselves an injustice to say this gig was a failure, it sounded pretty damn good from where I was sitting. Chris’s Bass voice compliments their sound it was nice to see him unleash his throat ripping screams among other surprises. The Passive Aggressive EP was a good solid record, but even in a gig which really isn’t their best we’re seeing them tighten up and their new material is a much more mature, and really highlights Kieran’s hard hitting drumming. Additional 6-strings from new guitarist Owen really give the sound an extra dimension. I’m looking forward to playing with this band again in future; I always enjoy them, even if they weren’t having a very good time.

My band Talking Backwards played next, I had a good time, Hope everyone enjoyed it. If you didn’t, thanks for checking us out anyway.

Intraverse aren’t really my thing. But they’re bloody talented and I’m convinced they will go far. If you like The Chilli Peppers, Jane’s Addiction and maybe even Incubus I think you’ll enjoy this band, they play with confidence and perform at highly professional level. My only complaint is those unplugged bongos… nobody can hear them if they’re not mic-ed up, what’s the point?

Jack xxx
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