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My 21 Grams
Easy Kill
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My 21 Grams
The night was opened by the up front, in your face 5 piece ‘My 21 Grams’. The band had punchy vocals, with a raw tinge to that pierced through the instruments. The vocals had a resemblance to that of Audioslave or Soundgarden. The vocals have much improved since their earlier performances at The Forum when they were criticised for shouting. The guitars made a strong blend of rock and grunge riffs throughout the set. The drumming in the band was strong. This was nice to see as the drummer is the youngest member of the band, at the age of 18.

The band was very tight and performed perfectly with each other; they had good communication with the crowd throughout and looked comfortable on stage. The sound could be compared to that of the Glitterati, although a more “punky” style emerges.

The ˝ hour set was very well received amongst the crowded forum floor. The band even impressed the crowd enough to start stage diving and moshing. I was very surprised with the band and I would say this is a band to look out for in the near future.

Easy Kill
Next up was ‘Easy Kill’. The intro to the set was strong, and created a real atmosphere which gripped the audience all through. The band kept good communication with the audience; which was incidentally full of teenies!!!!

They had a good and well matched vocal sound. The two support vocalists backed up the lead singer/rapper excellently. I say rapper because; the lyrics reminded me of the rap created by ‘Rage Against The Machine’. The guitarists provided strongly built riffs to put a back bone to the music.

The songs they performed were explosive; they used a good stage presence to put the finishing touch to the songs. The stage divers and moshers were yet again present during their entire set. There is no denying that the younger members of the crowd absolutely loved this band; they went ecstatic! The end of the set dragged on for ages. By the end they had you waiting for them to go off stage, rather than you wanting them to stay. However this said the band were tight and performed the songs well. The music was not to my taste, however if you are looking for alt rock with rap this maybe a band to watch.

Andy F
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