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Furniture Sound
Cats and Cats and Cats
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Supercar. Having already seeing these guys on their ďcomeback gigĒ I was intrigued as to see what they would have achieved in the small space of time. The result has been pretty damn good. Musically they have tightened up a lot, and they seem to sound a lot fuller. This is impressive from a three piece as Iíve noticed many local bands missing that vital element, usually known as a second guitarist. Fitting in nicely with this eveningís line up they brought around a nice atmosphere for the upcoming bands to build on.

Furniture Sound. Not really a part of the experimental night tonight but still they impressed me. A sound very reminiscent of Biffy Clyro, but that seems to work well amongst these guys. With powerful punchy rock riffs followed clean toned sections itís an effective contrast. With most of the vocals being delivered by Max generally shouting, and most of the time itís aimed at the other members not the mic. You even hear the odd throat ripping scream from the little guy behind the drum kit. It was impressive to see a drummer take over lead vocals with one song as with the local music scene itís often perceived that thereís a front man and the rest of the band. Itís plainly obvious that FURNITURE SOUND are out and about as a bunch of mates having a laugh, and why shouldnít they be.

Cats and Cats and Cats. Really did not impress me. There was a lot of hype surrounding this band and I was very disappointed. It may be the fact that there are too many instruments involved because the whole sound came across as a mess. Maybe I caught them on a bad night. Letís hope so.

Itch Very catchy. With lots of stop starts thrown in amongst the quiet ballads it added a very original depth to the songs. These guys can be proud to call themselves experimental. With each song having about 20 different parts/structures it was quite a lot to take in. I think everyone had trouble standing still while watching these guys. They just seemed full of energy and raw passion for their music.

Secondsmile: Take a little something from all of the bands tonight, chuck em in a can, spin it around, and then pull out the remains (otherwise known as SECONDSMILE). Itís a shame that the crowd had mostly dispersed outside by this point because they missed what quite possibly could be one of the best bands to play this venue in months. The atmosphere oozing from this band immediately grabbed your attention. There are the odd parts that tend to lose the listener but they quickly reel them back in with a heavy crunchy hook or chorus. A band definitely to keep your eyes on. I can see them going places. Big places.

Dan Horscroft
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